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The Rick Derringer Band 



Guitar great, vocalist and entertainer Rick Derringer was just 17 when his band

The McCoysTM recorded the No.1 hit "Hang On Sloopy" in the summer of 1965,

knocking  "Yesterday" by The Beatles out of the top spot.The McCoys had enjoyed

four years  of successful touring, when Rick merged his talents with Johnny Winter

in 1969 forming Johnny Winter And (And referring to The McCoys).

Rick was the only producer of all gold and platinum Winter Brothers recordings.

'71 Rick was featured on three records, "Johnny Winter And",

 "Johnny Winter And-Live" and "Edgar Winter's White Trash".                      
Johnny Winter "And" featured the first version of Derringer's "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" 

which was also released as a single, then selected again for "And - Live".

Eventually, the busy Derringer joined Edgar Winter's White Trash full-time

and produced the gold LP, "Roadwork". Derringer's solo album,

All American Boy was released in '73 with the now already popular 

"Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo", this time as a 'hit' single.

Rick was writer/producer of Johnny Winter's Still Alive and Well album and

player/producer of the hit album,They Only Come Out At Night.

The latter featured the  No. 1, Grammy nominated monster hit, "Frankenstein"

and "Free Ride". In 1976 Rick created the Derringer Band.

He released four albums and in '83 returned to his solo career with the LP,

Good Dirty Fun.Throughout the 70's and 80's the popular Derringer

appeared on numerous albums with artists Alice Cooper, Richie Havens,

Todd Rundgren and Steely Dan. The list also includes Cyndi Lauper, Barbra

Streisand,Kiss,and hundreds of other living and past legends.

In the mid-80's,Derringer discovered Weird Al Yankovic, producing music for top

Grammy-winning albums and videos. Derringer's productions of

the Michael Jackson parodies, the No. 1 hit "Eat It", and "Who's Fat", have been

Yankovic's most successful recordings.

It was also in the90's that Rick was selected to be producer/writer/performer 

of  the  World Wrestling Federation LP's. Hulk Hogan's theme song, 

"I Am A Real American" was written and performed by Rick as a part of these projects.

Derringer was once again sought after by Edgar Winter and in 1990,

performed for the LP, Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer Live in Japan.

Then in 1999 Rick and Edgar were back together again for their collaboration

on his Winter Blues CD. Derringer also recorded four blues CD's starting

in '93 with Back To the Blues followed by Electra Blues, Blues Deluxe

and his 2000 release Jackhammer Blues.  At about that same period Derringer,

who seems to be constantly in motion,released his destined-to-be-classic

Tend the Fire in Europe to rave reviews and is eagerly expected

by his loyal fans here in the US. The year 2001 was another busy one for Rick.

His venture back into Rock & Roll with  Vanilla Fudge superstars

Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert  produced a recording of intense synergy

D B A (for Derringer, Bogert & Appice) with vocals, writing and instrumentals

shared by all three. 2004 promised a reprise for Derringer and Appice,

with the release of D-N-A. After D B A, the next project was truly

a work from the heart and soul of Rick and his wife Brenda Jean (Jenda Hall).

Entitled Aiming 4 Heaven,it brought forth their devotion to God

and put it into song with help from their children, Lory & Martin.

We can't forget the Winter of 2002, where Rick ventured

into a whole new musical world Smooth Jazz. Interest in

Rick Derringer - Free Ride grew quickly at radio, and the

second single "Hot And Cool" (in the 'Radio and Records' top 20

for 5 months, and number 42 for the year) showed Derringer

right at home in the format. It might come as a surprise, but as he explains,

it's the kind of music he's been waiting to do his whole life.

His wife Jenda is featured as co-writer on three songs,

and arranger/singer on the title cut. Also the lyricist with

Rick on our new video " Sometimes "

 It seems like almost too much story to take in at one sitting,

but the most surprising part is, after more than four decades

he's still going strong! Look for a show in your city and

experience Charlie Torres and Kenn Moutenot performing their hearts out

to Rick's rock and roll anthems coming 2015 with THE RICK DERRINGER BAND.  

Charles Torres             

Bass Guitars - Vocals - Performer                             


Photographs by Steve Amaon 2013


Charlie started his entertainment career playing bass guitar

 in New York City in 1975. 

He has toured the world and recorded with several artists

over the years, including

Rick Derringer. Buddy Miles . Johnny & Edgar Winter 

Chuck Berry . Flava Flav . Chubby Checker . Chuck Berry

Little Richard . plus many more iconic stars over almost 40 years.

Charlie and Rick have been playing together for over 30 years. 

When not on the road with Rick, Charlie can be found  writing . recording .

producing music at Songhouse Studios in New Jersey creating solo music. 

Plus doing other cool independent studio projects in the New York scene . 

Residing in  New York City , Charlie is ready for a full schedule of concert

events ahead and looking forward to continue touring in some of our

worlds most exotic places. 

Charlie's original upside down lefty on a right handed guitar style

gives a special edgy show that is not to be missed. He is one of the worlds finest

entertainers and musicians which he proves to audiences each time onstage

in concert or any time in recording session. Look for his collection of original

compositions to be released here online at Song3. Born a star Charles

is always ready for action onstage supporting  " The Rick Derringer Band "  !


Kenn Moutenot

Drum Set - Vocals - Global Tour Manager

 Jimi Hendrix beat and vocal master the legendary Buddy Miles


At an early age in his childhood while growing up in New Jersey,

Kenn had his heart and mind set on working with these musical geniuses and somehow living these chosen dreams .

He finally did it thanks be to God with Rick Derringer, Eumir Deodato, George "Buddy" Miles. 

"These maestro's are my mentor's."

Kenn was intensely drawn into Rick's music initially because of his heartfelt vibe, groove,

and relatable lyrics plus memorable melodies on each song. Rick Derringer's productions always struck the right chord.

 Kenn successfully performed and managed his own show bands throughout the 1982 - 1992 period ofr life .

Touring extensively around the United States especially in Atlantic City , Las Vegas , Catskills N.Y. & a residency in Poconos PA.

More than 2,000 shows as a Band Leader . Entertainment Director. Talent Purchaser.

Kenn then went on to manage, play drums, assist with vocals, producing, writing partner with the late and greatest

Mister George "Buddy" Miles * (Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana,Electric Flag,California Raisins

Buddy Miles, Express,  etc., One of the greatest all around talents ever and his songs and film prove this fact.


May God be resting Buddy's immortal soul. With 7 amazing years touring around the world together.

As a best friend, teacher, writing partner, follower it was a daily beloved experience.

 Learning from one of our planets best drummers, singers, guitarists at more than 800 concerts

during (1994 - 2000) was sure blessings that will be released soon on our subscription services in 2017.

 Kenn now continues performing and managing exclusively Rick Derringer and Deodato Groups.

Touring around the globe for decades including concert events in Russia, Africa, Asia, South America

AzerbajIan, Guatemala, Indonesia, Phillippines, Europe, South America, Scandinavia, Canada., more...

Kenn has been commissioned to perform before 4 Presidents, dozens of Prime Ministers, and other dignitaries at the 

World Economic Summit in Moscow & Saint Petersburg, Russia. He has shared stages produced . performed 

with legends James Brown, Scorpions, Bo Diddley, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Earth Wind & Fire

Herbie Hancock, King Crimson, The Ramones, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Phish, Billy Preston

Kansas,Willie Nelson,  Mark Farner, Derek St. Holmes, Mitch Rider, Joey Molland, Pat Travers

to name a few. It has always been Kenn's work to be "aligning the stars ". Thankful to have the pleasure

of accommodating and serving these living legends daily. For more information please visit these web sites.         


Please do not hesitate reaching out 24 / 7

to Kenn @ Songhouse Studios

for any information or business


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